Shepherd Hills Haven

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You can read our blog to learn how Shepherd Hills Haven came to be.


We are currently trying to raise funds for several different endeavours.   First off  we  are trying to raise funds for vet care.  Jack, Gate and Chewy all need to see a vet asap.


There is a fund set up at All Creatures Vetenarian in Benson. You can call and donate direct to the Shepherd Hills Haven fund.  Their phone number is (520) 586-3777.


It is very difficult for me to have to ask for help and so many have helped out from the get go and we thank you very much.


We have several ways we are trying to raise funds.  Through the purchase of Dennis Hardy's cold forged pendants, which you can find in our Facebook group,


Dennis also does custom wraps if you have a special stone or coin you keep in a drawer  or bowl, why not have Dennis turn it into a beautiful piece of wearable art!


We also have some Cholla Cactus spines for sale.  They are used in various types of artwork.



And if you prefer to just donate, we appreciate that also.  You can do so by clicking on the donate button below.





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